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Is Evangelism Necessary? by Mike Teruel

Evangelism. The word can bring to mind a myriad of thoughts, from abject terror at the idea of confronting an unbeliever with the need for repentance and salvation to determination to follow through on the Great Commission. On the spectrum of evangelistic purpose and efforts, we find some who claim that it does not need to be done, many of whom are hyper-Calvinists, to those who claim that if any Christian does not engage in door to door evangelism they are either not a true Christian or living in a sin that needs to be repented from.

As with any area of the Christian life, evangelism has been used and abused by many who, as Paul put it in 2 Corinthians 2, "peddle the word of God for gain." Far too many do not seek to win souls for Christ, but rather to heap more and more followers who will in turn provide them with the funds they seek to line their pockets and improve their lives in unseemly ways. And far too often, such people degrade the gospel to the extent that they lead many to such a level of distaste of anything Christian, that they are never able to disassociate that travesty from the true gospel.

The true Christian, however, understands that evangelism is not something that is optional. To be sure, they do not insist that evangelistic efforts be carried out in one way over another. Although so-called "relationship evangelism" can be problematic and, in some peoples' tastes far too time consuming, even that method can be useful in reaching others for Christ. Whether it is the missionary in a distant land, or a friend speaking to a friend about his need for Christ, just about every method has value.

Will you take on the mantle that Christ Himself conferred on the apostles and through them to the rest of the church? Think about it: were it not for someone, somewhere in your past, you would not be a believer today. It may just be you who God uses as the tool that brings about the conversion of someone who will be a mighty worker for the Lord. Or perhaps you will be that worker. In any case, the Commission is one of the greatest endeavors in life!